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Preparing interns for successful transition to anesthesia residency training

start_iconThe ACGME has recommended that anesthesia residency programs integrate the internship year with the 3-year anesthesia training period. Because not all of our Stanford Anesthesia interns participate in an integrated clinical base year, a 10-month blended-learning online education and virtual mentorship program was designed to facilitate the transition from internship to residency. START was comprised of the following elements:
  • Video Podcasts with Clinical Vignettes and Demonstrations
  • Lectures on Anesthesia Fundamentals
  • Pre- and Post-Quizzes on Podcast and Lecture Content
  • Interactive/Collaborative Activities
  • Mentorship¬†and Wellness Program

The START program has now been implemented at 22 US anesthesia residency programs, including two international programs. The positive educational effects of START were published in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education March 2013 issue.

We’re proud to offer this outstanding educational program as Learnly | START!

About the Stanford AIM Lab

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About Learnly

Learnly is an anesthesiology learning ecosystem from the non-profit Stanford Anesthesia Informatics and Media (AIM) Lab. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and integrated model of online anesthesiology education that addresses the unique learning preferences of today's Millennial learners. Each Learnly component can be used individually and as part of a learning system to provide lifelong and comprehensive education in the anesthesiology sciences.
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